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Bulk Fertiliser

At National Nutrition, we offer quality bulk fertilisers for livestock and farms. We're committed to providing excellent customer service, maintaining strong relationships with farmers, and always living up to our promise. We provide a top quality bulk fertiliser spreading service for both grassland and tillage crops within a 50 mile radius of Thomastown.

Molassed Minerals

National Nutrition Ltd. provides a high quality range of dairy, beef and sheep mineral and vitamin supplements. We ensure the optimum level of Major and trace elements in line with current research and with advice from our specialist consultant nutritionalist. Where appropriate, Bioplex minerals are included in our products. Our quality means your herd is healthy ensuring that full potential productivity is achieved. All our products are traceable. All our raw materials are sourced only from approved sources. We operate a HACCP quality system.

Cubicle Lime

At National Nutrition, we offer a top quality Cubicle Lime for use in animal housing and bedding to deactivate pathogens and reduce the occurrence of disease. Regular use of our Cubicle Lime will keep your cows clean and dry and free from pathogens which will aid the prevention of Mastitis.

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